Must-Do Gutter Maintenance Tips for the Summer Season 

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As I have shared in a previous post, our summer getaway plans are canceled. What a bummer, I envisioned our summer to be full of trips, BBQ, and pool parties, and relaxing outdoor activities with loved ones. Instead of mopping around, we decided to really try to be more productive this season especially with us failing to do a lot of our cleaning and home improvement plans last spring. So we’ll be carrying out some maintenance plans from the previous season and even start new home improvement projects that we are truly excited about (yay!).

Included in our list is to pay attention to our gutter. This is a must, guys, and professionals recommend regularly checking your gutter system and keeping it in top condition. If your gutter is in disarray, then your roof, siding of your house, etc. will certainly be prone to water damage, and of course, you don’t want that. (YES, we know this but for some reason, we have put off checking our gutter so it’s really at the top of our list.)

So here’s our to-do list:

- Clean up your gutter – you can start by removing debris. This is of course more common in autumn, but you still have to do it in the summer if you don’t want to have any clogs on your system. If you check your gutter, you’ll surely find some leaves, sticks, twigs, and in our case some bird's nest! After clearing out your gutters from debris, then give them a good cleaning. Make sure that those molds or mildew are removed.

gutter cleaning

- Check for damages in your gutter – while removing those debris and cleaning up, make sure to take note if you see any rust, holes, cracks, and even those areas that seem to not line up properly. You can also check for possible leaks by using a hose in areas where you suspect there’s damage and possible leakage. In our case, we just plan to take note of issues but will be calling the professionals for gutter repairs. 

gutter maintenance

- Possible new installations – this is also one of the reasons why we want professionals to handle our gutter repair. It’s been ages since we last had it checked. Last year, we already saw some signs of damage and even used some silicone caulking to seal a leak. So most likely, repairs + replacement will happen (or we might even need an entirely new gutter system).

gutter replacement

Gutter maintenance and checking should happen regularly. But during the summer season, you have extra advantages and it is definitely the best time for gutter installation with no snow and of course less chance of rain. In addition, you would really want your gutter to be ready before the fall season (or harsher weather) sets in!

P.S. For the usual maintenance and cleaning up your gutter, you can certainly go DIY, but for repairs and installations, it is always best to seek professional help. Remember, invest in your roof’s gutter system if you want to avoid leaks and water damage, as this will cost you thousands of dollars for repairs.


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