Pool Repair Issues? Just leave it to the Professionals!

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With the impending scorching summer heat, a good swim is definitely the way to go. Though I am a homeowner, our house doesn’t have a pool in it (but it will definitely be our next project!). Luckily, my parents gave me and my friends the go signal to use our house pool for the summer and “do as we please” and swim to our heart’s content. My parents will be visiting my grandparents and aunt for
the summer, and basically have their own summer plan.

Of course, I was really really excited; however, there was a catch – the cleaning up and “restoration”
of the pool will be entirely up to us. Our pool was just kept close for ages. They suggested that we hire professionals to clean and check out for pool issues, as in some distant memory, my dad thinks that there might be a problem with the pool but he wasn’t able to go around having it checked.

We were handed the golden keys to our summer escapade —pool parties and BBQ nights here we go!

We then deliberated on our next step, and decided to “bond” over cleaning up the pool. How hard
could it be? Sure, we know it will be some elbow grease tasks, but felt that we will be just fine and could labor through it.

Fast forward, after some “in-depth” research to the worldwide web and some past experience in pool clean ups, we are now armed with info to get us through our summer project. We went to several places to purchase some cleaning materials and went to a local store to buy the much-needed chemicals
to treat the pool water.

And so our adventure, or so I say misadventure, began when we opened up the pool. I’m not even sure if they closed up the pool properly, but let me say that when we opened up, and saw debris, algae and a lot of not so wonderful, fresh smelling things in the pool, we just wanted to back out. But since we were stubborn, we put up a brave face and started the x number of hours cleaning up etc. We even made use of pumice stones to clean up the pool (saw this on article).

It was an intense few days and while thinking about it, my arms still hurts. We even got around “shocking” the pool because we want to make sure that its really clean (shocking the pool means we overloaded it with chlorine).

During the process, we stared to notice some issues with our pool pump. Whenever we start it, loud clunky noise came from the pump. We dismissed it as not being used for a long time. The sound was quite a nuisance but we still carried through.

It didn’t stop there; we also realized that we have a major leak from the pump.

We did to do some quick research on what to do. We tried to do some “quick fixes” but it actually made the sound much louder and things just went downhill (should have listened to my husband!). Even with
the DIY videos and articles, we were simply not sure on the next step. So yes, we ended up hiring a professional pool repair near us to help us out!

They told us that the pool pump is actually the “heart” of the pool, so its really important to have it well-maintained. We also just proceeded to have everything checked, cleaned and replaced.

Fast forward, the pool is now ready for the summer! We even decorated the area to be party-ready.

Just a tip, pool repair and maintenance can be overwhelming and it really entails a good amount of work. Just leave it to the professional, guys, especially when it comes to repairs or parts replacement. Not only will you save time, reduce stress on your part, you are also assured that everything will work the way it should be (treat it as an investment).

Stay hydrated, always have your sunscreen on and enjoy the summer everyone! 😊


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