My Summer Home Improvement Projects


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Summer is officially here!!!! Can you just feel the sweltering heat?

Few months back, I thought that summer this year would be full of road trips and beach vacay. I had lots of bookmarks on where I am planning to go with family and some friends. We’ve been saving up but as they say not all things will go according to plan.

It’s a long story (will probably be shared in another post) but basically, all those planned getaways will not push through. I don’t want to wallow over it and decided to be “productive” this summer.

I decided to focus on home improvement projects this summer (especially those things that I’ve been neglecting to do). So sharing here some of my “projects” this summer: 

1. Declutter my home – embarrassingly, this was my top list for spring but failed to do so. With the warm weather, I think summer is also a good time to start decluttering. I am even thinking of throwing some garage sales because I’m pretty sure that we have lots of good stuff stored away in the attic! (crossing my fingers that we still have energy for this)

2. House painting – this was actually my husband’s idea that our home needs a facelift. He has some handyman skills in the area and this will be his main focus this summer. Check out his Pinterest finds (he wants to try out some geometric wall art in one of our rooms, but we still haven’t fully locked in on a design and will check our more pins).

3. Pool maintenance – I got this idea with one of my friends here opening up her parent’s old pool (you may have read her post here). Basically, I was one of her “willing” victims, who together with some of our other friends bravely tried to restore their pool. I’m not sure if I’ll call it a fail, but we were not able to do the whole DIY approach that we were planning and called a professional pool repair service. So, learning my lesson from that misadventure, we are definitely scheduling the pool professional to check our pool and do proper maintenance and repair if needed.

4. Landscaping! – it's about time to spruce up our landscaping! Basically, our yard is just a patch of green, so I am thinking of adding up some low maintenance plants and flowers. I read that hydrangeas and lupines are not only beautiful but also low maintenance flowers – will definitely buy them. So summer, let’s test if I have the green thumb!

5. Install a ceiling fan – this is us trying to be more energy-efficient. So we are considering having ceiling fans installed in some areas of our home.

6. Schedule inspections – in addition to calling in the pool pros, we are also going to call out our local HVAC company, local gutters and local plumbers this summer (click here to find your pros). We don’t want any issues to come during the winter season, as it will be extra hard by then with the winter and all. So, we want our home to be in top shape and with more free time and great weather, this is the best time to do it.

7. Seal those cracks and invest in new windows - these will be our projects for our concrete driveways, while investing in new windows has been in our list for some time now especially with our old windows causing drafts. Hopefully, we’ll also have lower energy bills after changing those windows. 

I will be sharing some photos or some back stories while we do our home improvement projects. Wish us luck! This time, I hope we will accomplish them all. Wish me luck! 😊 


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